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Anonymous asked:

saw the new episode 2 questions 1. is the girl who plays Alans ex a different person then the first? 2. do you draw your own porn? very serious questions sir.

1. Yes. The original actress got to famous to work with someone like me. She’s off doing like, movies and shit. Happy for her.


-Tyler W. Moore

I don’t like “The Lion King”.

There. I said it.

Don’t get me wrong, visually, it’s amazing. It’s unfathomably beautiful to look at. But pretty much everything else sucks.

The songs are irritating, the theme of the film (while a good message) is totally lost and contradicted and most of the main characters are terrible, terrible people.
Are we REALLY supposed to like Simba? A little bastard who clearly announces in a self-loving musical number that if he were to become king he would turn everything into a dictatorship. But then he turns into Matthew Broderick…so there’s that…
Timon and Pumba are awful con artists who take advantage of a child and live off of a phrase which loosely translated means, “Fuck it”. They’re supposed to be likable?

Why is this movie such a big deal? Why do so many people like it?

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