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Greatest Hits: Volume 1 & An Update!


It’s been a while since I made that last update, but rest assured that the podcast still isn’t dead. Joey and I have made plans to get the ball rolling again in the very near future. The only hold up right now is that Joey needs to finish this semester of school and I need to complete Episode 6 of Brimstone Terrace.

In the meantime, I’ve been pondering how to go about the re-release of the previous episodes. The first few weren’t very good and there were a few elements we have long since disassociated ourselves from. So I decided to go back and use only the best stories/discussions in a big highlight video.

"Greatest Hits Volume 1" contains just under an hour of material from the first three episodes of the show. There is a download link in the description of the video if you just want the audio.

Enjoy and prepare yourself for more to come in the near future!


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